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Aimee specializes in stylistic, substantive, and developmental editing. She has edited material designed for a wide range of readers—from ages five to adult.

Stylistic editor
As a stylistic editor, Aimee assesses reading level, suggests effective vocabulary, and eliminates jargon and wordiness. She helps you create an outstanding product that achieves your goals.

Substantive editor
Substantive (or structural) editing reshapes writing so that it has a well-defined purpose and logical flow. Aimee helps clients ensure that they communicate clearly to their target audience.

Developmental editor
Developmental editors oversee the refinement of a project from rough manuscript to final copy. In this role, Aimee has performed the following tasks:
  • reviewed authors’ writing
  • requested revisions
  • created illustration lists
  • suggested images to designers
  • reviewed draft illustrations and designer layouts
  • incorporated reviewers’ comments as appropriate
  • rewritten pieces to fit curriculum
  • edited posters, games, interactive items